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Services provided by Brodhagen Safari Services Inc. include,

Booking your hunt, we will coordinate with the outfitter to book your safari for the best time and duration.

Pre-hunt consultation to discuss personal / medical information and trip details.

Supply to you the name of an experienced travel agent, one who knows all the in's and outs of getting your firearms from Canada to your destination and back.

Hunter trophy identification and field measurement package. We will supply you with a proven hunter identification and measurement package. This package  will enable our taxidermist to purchase all your necessary supplies as soon as you return and thereby shorten your taxidermy delivery time.

We can also arrange short transfer flights to various camps and regions when inside Africa.  

Once your hunt has finished and you are ready to come home we will coordinate your trophy shipment with your African taxidermist and freight forwarding company. We will then at no additional charge help with your customs clearance and arrange to get your trophies to our taxidermist in Cambridge. Freight forwarding of your shipment to a Government approved tannery is additional to scope. ( Freight forwarding costs are dependent on container weight and size.) 

All this and more for only $325.00 Cdn. for Appendix 2 and 3 species. $425.00 for Appendix 1 species.

 To say the least it is cheap insurance policy considering your total safari investment.

Incidentally- The costs posted by our outfitters do not change by having Brodhagen Safari Services Inc. involved. We know the pitfalls and can help you navigate through them.

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